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Welcome to the Elder Friendly Community Network

The EFCN is an informal association of providers of services for the Elder Community. We facilitate networking and communication on seniors’ issues, programmes, research, and opportunities from various perspectives

We are a growing network of organizations dedicated to working collaboratively to enhance the community's capacity to respond to seniors"

We represent service providers in the public and private sector. In turn, those organizations provide services to seniors. We value the contributions that seniors make in our community.

The EFCN does not directly represent seniors and hopes that their voices are heard through you.


Everyone wins when a Community is rich in diversity only achieved when all of us respect and interact with individuals of a variety of ages, cultures, and interests.


We’re proud of the fact that representatives from diverse organizations now connect formally and informally with eachother as a result of coming together within the EFCN with a common goal to ensure that Greater Victoria becomes a recognized Elder-friendly Community.


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We welcome educational and informative presenters addressing topical issues for seniors and their caregivers.

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